I sold the farm! After 30 wonderful years of providing outstanding wild pheasant hunting at ToriLil Farm, we are not accepting any new hunters. Many thanks to the hundreds of hunters who have joined Randy, Bill, and me over the years chasing roosters! It’s been the best! Good luck in all your bird-hunting pursuits.

- Jeff Bird

Rates & Logistics

All the information you need for group size, pricing, accommodations, and more.

What to Bring on the Hunt

Information on guns, clothing, ammo and safety equipment to bring for the hunt.

Rules and Terms of Booking

When booking a hunt each hunter agrees to abide by following these rules.

News From the Farm

Get the latest updates and bird news.

Optimal Habitat.

Narrow strips of hay are cut only to rejuvenate the grass and forbes for optimal habitat.


Grassland is managed but never grazed.

Survival Habitat

In excess of 10,000 trees and shrubs have been planted to establish shelter belts for winter survival habitat and protection against the weather.

Stock Dams

Stock dams are established to provide water for summer broods and lush cattail cover for shelter in the winter.

Food plots

Food plots are grown and never harvested.

All of this is available to you, the discerning wing shooting sportsman, at Dakota Wild at Torilil Farm. Book a hunt and experience the pheasant hunt of a lifetime.

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