"Jeff - Many thanks for a great SD hunting experience. Everyone in our group enjoyed themselves immensely. The pheasant habitat on your property is fantastic and the bird numbers were unbelievable! Also, Randy is a great guy and a first class guide - it was a pleasure to hunt with him. My father, who has hunted pheasants for over 70 years, said this was the greatest pheasant hunting experience of his lifetime. He finished the hunt on Monday with a double - not bad for a guy who is 87 years young! Lastly, your info packet was very helpful. Our motel, rental vehicle, restaurant, and bird processing arrangements worked out well. Hope we have the opportunity for another Dakota Wild hunt in the future." Best regards,

P. Thompson

Washington, DC
"Jeff, wanted to take a minute to forward you the enclosed (taken by Frank on our trip), but more importantly to thank you for making our trip possible. We returned home Friday evening after a memorable week in Pierre with Randy, Hoss and Annie. Let me say that first, your dogs are and were outstanding; they performed unbelievably well under a wide variety or meteorological challenges, including 50 mph winds and blowing snow. They made some finds that would bring a smile to any outdoorsman's face - simply awesome. Next I would tell you that the work and improvements you did in the offseason with the pastures, food plots, etc is very noticeable. You obviously spent a lot of time and and money on the pheasant habitat, to make the hunt more enjoyable, and it shows and worked. Last and not least, as usual, Randy is your most valuable asset (it's a close call, but even more so than Hoss and Annie!). He continues to be such a gentleman, so professional and so hard working; it could not have been any better. He has become a valued friend over the years, which is the icing on the cake for me and I know all of us. Good Lord willing, I'll be 59 years old in about a month; I've been hunting birds in some form or fashion since I was about 8 years old. It is outstanding to be able to go to such a place as you have created and nurtured near Vivian, and just take it all in. Take care, please hold our spot for next year, talk to you soon."

M. Stocker

Houston, Texas
Jeff: "Want to thank you and guide Randy for your efforts on our recent trip to Dakota Wild at Torilil farms. As you know I own and operate a resort in Alaska and appreciate what it takes to make a trip a great experience for your guests. The service you provide hits it right on the head. My brother and I have hunted in a lot of places and this was the best trip we have ever had. The hunting of course was fantastic, unbelievable really. However, as I have learned in the business it is everything else that makes a trip so spectacular. Logistics, wildlife, guides, etc. It was all perfect. You have a great operation. It is as good as I have seen. A quick note on Randy; he was great to be around and extremely knowledgeable. I will look forward to spending time with him again in the future."

Tom Baumgartner

Rainbow Bend Lodges, AK
"Jeff: What a great trip! I think you have two more regulars to add to the annual Mecca. My son, Gunnar, cannot stop reliving the entire trip. Thank you so much for all of your hospitality and effort. You and Randy run a great operation that is top notch."

R. Vilakanje

Yakima, Washington
"Those images of hundreds of birds in the air against the beautiful South Dakota landscape will be in my mind for a long time. And for sure, I'd like to do it again."

G. Ward

"There were so many birds it was like watching an evening caddis hatch."

B. Eidson

"The best pheasant hunt I have been a part of (ever)! When we go back to our motel, someone asked my buddy if he'd seen a hundred birds. My buddy responded by saying, 'Which flush?'"

D. Ashby

Hopkinsville, KY
"Our group of eight will continue to hunt your farm as long as it exists. Each year immediately after the hunt we begin planning for next year's hunt, wondering how the concentrations of wild birds can possibley get greater than what we experienced in the last hunt. Yet, each year we see more. We have developed a warm and close relationship with all involved in making our hunts so successful. Keep on keeping on".

C. Dipple

Houston, TX
"Excellent, most birds I've ever seen. Great hospitality."

A. Cannon

Hopkinsville, KY
Awesome hunting. Had a blast!"

M. Stecker

Houston, TX
"This is the hunt of a lifetime. Friendly guys made the hunt. Thanks to Dawn for the great food."

G. Lee

San Antonio, TX
"It doesn't get any better than this! You do a great job!"

S. Wilkinson

Cumberland, ME
"Great hunting for the 3rd year in a row. Thanks again."

A. McDougall

Nashville, TN
"Great 3 days. Beautiful country with lots of birds, nice people, good hunting."

L. Ellsworth

Brentwood, TN
"Never seen so many damn birds."

T. Osteen

Jacksonville, FL
"Never seen so many damn birds."

T. Osteen

Jacksonville, FL
"Best wild pheasant hunting I've ever had."

M. Allen

San Gabriel, CA
"You did it again. Limits 3 years in a row. Never had so much fun."

G. Hosterman

Pasadena, CA
"The most exciting event of my year. You guys are the greatest. Most hospitable and gracious guys you could ask for. Thank you."

D. Nielson

Yakima, WA
"Great hunting and guide service."

H. Jells

San Gabriel, CA
"Bird numbers great - first class operation."

E. Kennedy

Hopkinsville, KY
"Great hunting and a wonderful time hunting and visiting."

C. Leonard

Hickory, KY
"We had a fabulous hunt and I want to book the same days for next year. The dog work was great, as were the pheasants."

J. McDougal

Nashville, TN
"I've never seen so many pheasants. They were like flies. Now when I go, I'll go a happy man."

S. Wilkinson (72 years)

Portland, ME.
"My friend and I returned from our hunting trip at your farm and we wanted to thank you for all you've done to make our trip so enjoyable. The Farm is absolutely beautiful. This was definitely the best hunting trip we've taken. Thank you for all your help - the information on lodging, restaurants and the maps you sent were all very helpful and useful during our trip. Our guide, was outstanding. Very accommodating and made us both feel very welcome. He is a first-class person who made our trip as spectacular as it was. His Labrador, Kaiser, was an exceptional dog. We were very fortunate to be able to hunt over a dog of that class. Our only regret is our trip was too short."

N. Loiacono

"IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!! My hunting partners and I wish to thank you and your guide for a wonderful hunting experience. Not only was it everything you told me it was going to be but more. Although we weren't very good shots, we were able to limit out on pheasants both days that we hunted. I would also like to express my thanks to your guide and his dog Kaiser. They both were very hospitable, even though they had to really work hard due to the fact that we were such poor shots".

M. Martin