While hunting at Dakota Wild®, all hunters are required to conduct themselves in accordance with the rules listed below. In the event these rules are not followed, our Guides have the authority, in their sole judgment and discretion, to immediately terminate the hunt. The Guide’s judgment as to a breach of these rules shall be final and binding and no deposits will be refunded.

When booking a hunt each hunter agrees to abide by the following:

  1. As a condition of hunting on our land and before the hunt begins, all hunters must sign a written general release. Bird hunting is an inherently dangerous sport and hunter’s assume all risks and liability related to the hunt.
  2. All hunters must wear a blaze orange hat with a brim and it is highly advisable and all hunters should wear some additional clothing with blaze orange fabric (e.g. vest, coat, or shirt). Visibility in the field is essential for safety.
  3. No alcohol or controlled substances may be consumed at any time during the hunt.
  4. All hunters shall conduct themselves in a sportsman like manner and comply with the South Dakota game laws. No hen pheasants may be shot.
  5. All hunters should wear protective shooting glasses during the hunt.
  6. The practice of blocking (e.g. driving pheasants toward hunters positioned at the end of a field) and pinching (hunters walking towards each other), can be very dangerous if hunters do not exercise proper caution. Hunters who do blocking or pinching, are advised to proceed with extreme caution and always wear eye protection. Low flying pheasants should never be shot at. Hunters assume all risk and liability associated with blocking and pinching.

Terms Of Booking

  1. The above hunting rules must be complied with at all times.
  2. A 50% non-refundable (except as indicated below) deposit, plus the 6% sale/tourist tax collected in advance on the total amount due, paid in advance of your hunt at time of booking is required to reserve a hunt. Reservations are not confirmed until the deposit is received and accepted. The balance is due at the conclusion of your hunt.
  3. We reserve the right to cancel a hunt at any time due to extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, unanticipated changes in the game seasons and any other circumstances beyond our control. In the event we cancel a hunt, your deposit will be refunded in its entirety. However, we shall not be liable or responsible for any incidental expenses or consequential damages incurred, such as airfare, car rental deposits, lodging expense, etc.