When hunting wild pheasants, you need to have sufficient fire power. Wild pheasants are tough and smart and not easily knocked down unless you have the right equipment. We highly recommend a 12 gauge shotgun with modified and full choke.


Shot size 6 or 5 in the early season and 4s in late season. Cooper plated shot and magnum loads are recommended. We like to see clean, crisp kills in the field.

Shooting Glasses

Shooting glasses are essential protection and highly recommended. They are a cheap investment that can save your eyesight.

Safety Clothing

Hunter orange vest or jacket and hat with brim are highly recommended. Hunter orange will help you be seen by your fellow hunters.

Other Clothing

Come prepared for the elements. South Dakota can have extreme weather. Bring layered clothing. Mornings are usually cold and brisk and afternoons warm up. We have had 80 degree weather on the opener and 20 below zero wind chill on the last day of the season in December. Most of the time it is 30s – 40s in the morning and 40s -50s in the afternoon.