Dakota Wild® at ToriLil Farm is the best choice for the serious bird hunting sportsman who seeks and appreciates a Really Wild™ bird hunt. The following features differentiate us from many of the other South Dakota pheasant hunting operations.

Professionalism and Knowledge

Our guides have worked on our farm for many years. They know all of our ground and honey holes and will customize the hunt for your group.


We don’t mix groups. Strangers won’t be added to your party and you won’t be hunting ground that has already been hunted by another group the same day like many other operations do.


Our business is pheasant hunting, not farming. We manage our property to enhance the habitat for wild pheasant hunting. Each year we spend thousands of dollars on food plots, shelter belts and enhancing wild bird habitat. You won’t be walking through fields of standing corn. While corn fields can be productive, it’s not a fun way to hunt pheasants. The walking is difficult and you can’t see the dogs work. View More About Our Habitat Here.

Wild Birds

We provide our hunters with the Really Wild™ bird hunting experience, the way pheasant hunting was meant to be. We are not a preserve.

In South Dakota ringneck Pheasants outnumber people 8:1. You will find South Dakotans to be a friendly, helpful lot. They cater to hunters and genuinely appreciate the revenue that hunting season brings to the state. Enjoy the expansive beauty of the South Dakota prairie and join us at Dakota Wild® for a Really Wild™ Pheasant hunt.